Information Officers

  • AutismBC has acted as a primary source of autism information for families and professionals throughout the province of BC for over 40 years. Dissemination of information and referral of services are available through our Informational Officers and Regional Coordinators.

    AutismBC’s Information Officers and Regional Coordinators have been personally impacted by ASD and have navigated the complex system of autism funding, programs and services in British Columbia. They are knowledgeable about a wide array of current and relevant autism topics and can direct families and professionals to the services that best suit their needs. Our Information Officers and Regional Coordinators can assist families and individuals with support, planning, obtaining services, and submission of necessary documents.

    Meet Our Information Officers:

    Lindy Chau

    Lindy Chau has been an Information Officer with AutismBC since 2001. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Sociology in Hong Kong prior to launching her career in Canada. As a parent of an individual on the spectrum, Lindy has experienced first-hand the challenges of navigating autism funding and services. Her expertise provides meaningful guidance for Autism BC’s clients both in person and over the phone.

    Stella Hui

    Stella Hui joined AutismBC in 2006, bringing with her a valuable skill set  to help families navigate available autism resources. Stella is a graduate of the University of Alberta where she received her Master’s in Occupational Therapy, she has since been an occupational therapist for more than 25 years. As a parent of an individual on the spectrum, Stella has experienced first-hand the challenges of navigating autism funding and services. Her expertise provides meaningful guidance for AutismBC’s clients both in person and over the phone. In addition to her role as an Information Officer, Stella has experience as a Librarian running AutismBC’s Lending Library, facilitating Burnaby’s Community Support Group, supporting Community Support Groups across the province and supervising volunteers, including those who are adults on the spectrum. Stella has been instrumental in AutismBC’s program development through her in depth knowledge of the autism communit

    To contact one of our Information Officers call 604-434-0880, or toll free at 1-888-437-0880. You can also email any questions you have to

    Meet Our Regional Coordinators:

    Our Regional Coordinators are also Information Officers. They can provide email, phone, and in-person support for the information and resources that individuals with autism, their families and professionals are looking for in their region.

    Northern BC – Corey Walker

    Corey Walker joined AutismBC as the Northern BC Branch Coordinator in 2012. As an adult with Asperger’s, Corey understands first-hand what it’s like to live with ASD. This personal experience combined with Corey’s passion for helping others has driven him to focus on resources for adults with autism, a very underserved area of the autism community. In fact, since 2015 Corey has led an Annual Adult Conference catering directly to adults on the spectrum.

    Vancouver Island – Teresa Everitt

    Teresa Everitt joined the AutismBC in 2014 and brought over thirty years of experience as a community innovator, volunteer, and as a foster parent to her role. Teresa’s personal interest in supporting individuals with autism comes from being a parent to four adult children, two of which have been diagnosed with ASD. She has spent most of her adult life supporting individuals with ASD to be the best they can be. Conquering cancer in her twenties showed Teresa that anything can be overcome, and she brings this fierce determination to everything she does. Working for AutismBC was a natural fit for Teresa’s life-long passion of supporting positive change in the autism community.

    Interior BC – Lisa Watson

    Lisa Watson joined AutismBC in 2015 and became an excellent touch point in the Kelowna area. Lisa studied Communications at SFU in Burnaby, BC,  she then relocated to Kelowna, BC in 2000.  Having a son with profound autism, Lisa is passionate about making a difference in the lives of those impacted by ASD. When Lisa’s son was diagnosed in 2008, she began an informal support group of parents and caregivers where she started sharing information about autism and autism related events with these families. She is also one of the primary organizers of the Kelowna Autism Awareness Walk that began in 2013.  The people that Lisa has met because of her son’s autism have inspired her to support others and make navigating the autism world less isolating for others.